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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Aritmatika Jari AHA

ALOHA Mental Arithmetic is a simple and time-saving method of calculation especially helpful to children aged 6~12. It develops their mental capability and boosts their intelligence. It helps children overcome some of the study problems in school. Mental Arithmetic does not in any way contradict or interrupt their learning in school.

ALOHA Mental Arithmetic is a special programme conducted outside students normal school time-table. It complements and supplements their

school works. It has been proved that mastery of ALOHA Mental Arithmetic skills will lead learners to greater achievements in various disciplines, since to a large extent all the curricular activities are integrated and inter-related.

We welcome you to be a partner of us in this fast developing educational innovation by becoming our franchisee. The capital outlay is small but the reward can be large.
Please email us to get further information and of course your valuable suggestions and comments will be greatly appreciated.

In Indonesia we call Aritmatika Jari AHA, do you want to learn Download Here !

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