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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Make Background on Frienster

Friendster is a social networking site which is very popular, even
very fenomenal. Children from the start to the New Forces Gede Babe Gue, all
have an account in Friendster. In fact, we each come to chat with friends,
is always asking "What have FS?"

Fame not only because Friendster Friendster is a web network
social, but more because Friendster allows users to mengcustomize
the view from the account. So that the view of each of Friendster
will be different.

Now, relate ketenarannya, many tips and tricks that can be found on the internet,
either how to change the background image, providing the music, change the
display icons and so forth. So perhaps tips on e-book is already stale
and many who know.

"It is trite I still make reckless mas e-Book? I fear bilangin in casserole, katrok
and ndeso? "He .. he, no problem is, my desperation to keep the e-launch
This book because in some (many) comments on my blog
states are still upset with the way I give, so the e-book is present
to answer the complaint-temen temen who still can not successfully follow tips
and tricks that I provide.

Okay, planned to e-Books on Friendster I will launch in many
section, depending on the theme of which will be discussed. Start of work especial
view profile (changing themes, icons, music, etc.), how to
tweaking to do in Friendster.
So, continue to follow the way of e-Book-Blogger download here !

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